Identity and fraud solutions with crosscore

First, smart plug-and-play platform for fraud and identity services

Would an open platform that can manage your identity and fraud systems help you to quickly adapt to new threats and challenges? If you could manage your different identity checking and fraud prevention tools with the same workflows and with better decisioning, could you prevent more fraud and offer your customers a better experience?

CrossCore has been designed to help you with the ever-changing, complex and challenging world of fraud prevention. This open platform will enable you to readily add solutions from us, other providers - even your own solutions — so that you can connect, access and orchestrate decisions across multiple systems.

Who's it for?

CrossCore is for organisations that want to cut complexity and cost in their management of identity and fraud, while improving fraud detection, increasing efficiency and offering a friction-free customer journey.

CrossCore will help you to:

  • Achieve a single point of access for your fraud and identity solutions to protect you and your customers, now and into the future.
  • Quickly respond to new threats and incorporate new solutions that help to stay ahead of developing fraud and avoid loss.
  • Manage your customers’ journey through the identity checking and fraud prevention process, giving them a great experience and increasing customer loyalty.

How it works

  • CrossCore takes an open approach to adding our solutions as well as your own and third-party applications into a single platform. Our workflows and decisioning can then be applied across all tools. This increases efficiency and helps you to make consistent decisions that benefit you and your customers.
  • CrossCore can be connected to a wide range of solutions including those for fraud detection, device intelligence and identity checking.

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Create unique insight that you can act on in real-time, using our dynamic analytics services and the best of yours and our data assets.

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